How to Make Money on Youtube-How to Make Money on Youtube without Making Videos-Tips and Tricks on How to Earn Money on YouTube Without Investment

How to Make Money on Youtube

Joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) means committing to higher standards and abiding by its rules and norms. Your channel and content will be regularly reviewed to meet YouTube’s quality standards. However, prepare relevant questions to understand your clients’ content preferences, effective CTAs, and potential collaborations. Develop a content strategy to understand your target demographic and their purchasing habits. In this article, we will briefly discuss how to make money on YouTube with examples.

A single uploaded video on YouTube has the potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue. Some argue that a single word is equivalent to a thousand photos in terms of its impact. Connecting with potential customers and showcasing products with video content is a terrific marketing strategy. Users are twice as likely to make a purchase after seeing a video about it, and they are four times more likely to conduct research on brands, goods, and services on YouTube compared to other social media sites. YouTube does not impose restrictions on the types of videos you can upload, but it does have community guidelines in place to protect its viewers.

How to Make Money on Youtube

Without signing up for an account, you have unlimited access to YouTube’s movie library. In less than a minute, you may create a Gmail account and be ready to submit videos to YouTube. The video can then be distributed. If you create an account, there is no limit to the number of videos you can upload. Interacting with our readers offers various methods, and leaving a comment is just one of them. This article will provide in-depth coverage on how to make money on YouTube, including convenient examples.

Features of Livestreaming and Premiering

Two of the most watched categories of videos on YouTube are live broadcasts and brand new releases. For instance, gem cutters often host events where attendees can observe them shape precious stones. At the same time, famous gamers host events where they play games with fans from all over the world and painters host events where they paint live. Companies that wish to employ a webcam setup will benefit from mobile livestreaming, even if it is only available to YouTube channels with more than 1,000 followers.8 If your livestream is shorter than 12 hours long, YouTube will automatically archive it; you can then make it available to viewers via the archive.

Amazon Associates Program;

The affiliate marketing network that supports the world’s most widely used e-commerce platform is called Amazon Associates. It’s a common strategy among YouTubers for monetizing their content. Below the synopsis, you’ll find Amazon links to any props, costumes, or technical equipment utilized in the making of the film. If a consumer follows your affiliate link to Amazon and makes a purchase there within 24 hours, you will receive a commission based on the percentage of the purchase price that you referred them to Amazon. Moreover, many content creators have found a lucrative opportunity to make money on YouTube.

Google Adsense

YouTube’s fundamental monetization strategy is including advertisements in videos. Also, the AdSense program allows creators to share in the revenue generated by ads on YouTube. Google offers creators a 68% revenue share, earning $68 for every $100 in ad revenue. Advertisers typically pay between 10 and 30 cents per view, depending on their budgets. You can gain subscribers and viewers freely across all channels. Some YouTube firms use “cost per thousand views” (CPM), while others use “cost per click” (CPC) models. To withdraw funds, you need a minimum of $100 in your AdSense account, as earning money from videos often requires thousands of views.

Advertising Revenue

Google, the corporation behind YouTube, has made it easy to join Google AdSense and monetize your videos. Ads are targeted based on the viewer’s previous online activity. Wondered why you see ads for things you’ve researched? AdSense offers potential, but many end up making nothing. To start, you enter an advertising revenue sharing agreement with Google. Google keeps around 45% of the businesses’ payments, though specifics aren’t provided. The actual CPM ranges from $1 to $2 and varies in amount and frequency. Ads are counted as viewed when the viewer watches the entire ad without skipping. Clicked ads generate revenue through “cost per click” (CPC) marketing.

A $100 minimum payment is perhaps the most relevant detail for the typical YouTube viewer. Google won’t pay you if you’re not making enough money. Period. Everything is dependent on the flow of traffic. If you’re able to attract enough visitors, you’ll soon have more users than the baseline Google requires before it begins paying you. Producing and marketing high-quality films is crucial. If you want to build a large subscriber base on YouTube, this is the place to do it. As their subscriber base expands, they are able to diversify their revenue streams and continue to profit from the sale of their films and the growth of their channel. When a station reaches a particular number of views, Google will provide $100 to the station.

Choose how you Want to Make Money

On the “Monetization” menu, you have four alternatives from which to select. Besides, the next option is “Set Monetization Preferences.” Select “Start” to access the advertising menu, where you can toggle between “Display Ads,” “Overlay Ads,” “Sponsored Ads,” and “Skippable Video Ads.” After deciding on an appropriate ad format, you can proceed to the “Save” button. Someone told us that you have a channel, so we know that you do.


When you’ve made a name for yourself, people will want to be a part of your fandom. These fans typically gladly part with cash in exchange for everything you’re selling. Create a series of branded merchandise, such T-shirts or caps, and sell them to spread the word about your business. Many of your backers would gladly pay for your merchandise if doing so will make them feel more connected to your cause. Products like this are created just for the most dedicated of your clientele. Your audience will be more receptive to making purchases from you as your channel grows and becomes more popular. The majority of YouTube stars now make more money off of direct product sales than they do from advertising on the platform.

Use your YouTube channel as a sales platform, but be cautious not to compromise artistic integrity for profit, as it may drive away Gen Z viewers. Ensure your products appeal to the target market and work on establishing your presence. Some companies prioritize marketing and sales, offering free videos in exchange for exposure and potential sales. Red Bull, for instance, has over five million subscribers who eagerly anticipate their action videos. While the company doesn’t overtly promote their product in the videos, it’s clear that Red Bull’s product is the driving force behind their YouTube channel.

Crowdfunding for a Single Project and Ongoing Fundraising

Both recurring crowdfunding and one-time, project-based crowdfunding are viable options for company owners with YouTube channels looking to raise capital through crowdsourcing. “One-time crowdfunding” refers to the practice of soliciting financial support via the internet for a single project or item. Many companies have gotten their start via crowdsourcing and gone on to great success. Some of the most popular crowdfunding platforms, including Kickstarter and Indiegogo, are fantastic places to donate to interesting and innovative endeavors.

Make the most of what you Say about Things

The video captions on YouTube are a goldmine for monetization opportunities. They aid in discovery and evaluation of your content, increasing its potential audience. Use the tried-and-true journalistic strategy of beginning with the most evident information and working your way to the less relevant ones when creating descriptions for your films. This will ensure that the information you provide is accurate. Make it obvious to the viewers what their gain will be from participating.

Getting the Word out about your Goods, Products, or Services

Once a YouTube channel gains a significant amount of subscribers, it is common for the channel’s creators to begin selling or manufacturing branded products. However, some creators already have works of art, products, or services that they market and sell on their channels. However, you’ll need a location where customers may come and purchase your wares. This might be a marketplace with shopping facilities (like Etsy) or a company website (like Shopify). Include a link to your company’s website in the video’s description, and insert “cards” or “closing screens” at the end of each video to encourage viewers to take action.

Through Tutorials, you can Sell while you Teach

A good YouTube video can be made without ever having you appear on camera. The accompanying how-to film for many products consists of the creators demonstrating the product with their hands or an overhead shot. How-to videos, such as tutorials, are quite popular on this app. Depending on the subject matter, these videos have the potential to receive millions of views with the correct amount of promotion.

Posting Often will Help you Build a Following

Maintaining a YouTube channel effectively requires constant updates with fresh content. If you consistently add new content, your viewers will remain engaged in your broadcast. Your internet presence and associated resources, like your online store, will give customers a comprehensive view. They can watch the entire film and actively comment, including discussing negative aspects, as readers often find it engaging. Finally, pick a language that will allow you to connect with the people you’re trying to reach.

Work with other Youtube Creators

Forming relationships with other content creators is one way to make money from YouTube videos. You may increase your channel’s visibility, showcase your original content, and reach a larger audience by doing so. If you have a brilliant video concept, you should find relevant YouTubers and approach out to them. They will probably wish to collaborate with you at work.


In addition, sponsoring a YouTube channel or video can increase exposure, conversions, and goodwill for a small business if done correctly. Collaborating with businesses, securing video sponsorships, and strategically utilizing product placement are effective strategies to increase your earnings on YouTube. Sponsorships can be provided by businesses based on a variety of factors, including sales or commission levels. The greatest affiliate marketing websites (other than the Amazon Associates program) offer sponsorship opportunities for newcomers.


How Much do Youtube Ads Make Per View?

A typical channel can make $18 every thousand commercials shown, with advertisers paying between $0.001 and $0.003 per ad. This means that the typical video creator can earn $4.18 for every 1,000 views.

How Many Views do I Need to Get on Youtube to Make $100?

The amount of money you can make on YouTube will vary based on a variety of things. The creator of a video or banner ad receives compensation when viewers engage with the ad. If you’re lucky, say, 10,000 people will see your video, you’ll make $100. It all comes down to the advertising’ usefulness for the target audience and whether or not that audience actually clicks on them.

How Many Views do you Need to Make Money on Youtube?

Viewers must interact with the advertisements in order to earn money from your films. They can do so by either clicking on them or watching them for at least 30 seconds. Only after these interactions will you be paid. One possible charge per view is $3 to $5. However, you’ll need at least $100 in your YouTube account before you can withdraw any funds.

Final Words

To get your channel approved for YPP Monetization, submit your Google AdSense application. Make sure to provide payment details and ad preferences as part of the application process. With this, you may monetize your YouTube channel. In a best-case scenario, YouTube will send you an acceptance message. So, if you want to attract a larger audience and earn a respectable monthly income, you should focus on posting only high-quality items. Enjoy your time watching videos on YouTube! Check out these how to make money on youtube to broaden your horizons. Advancing your education on how to earn money from youtube shorts can be achieved by reading more.

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