August 2023

Top 10 – Purpose of Investment

Purpose of Investment-What is the Purpose of Investment-What is Investment Purpose

Common investors have many choices available to them. First, it’s helpful to distinguish between two broad categories of investment goods: i) non-financial assets and ii) financial assets. Investment products can break down into two categories before delving into the specifics of each. Most people place a higher value on intangibles than monetary gains. Buying a

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Top 10 – Features of Investment

Features of Investment-What are the Features of Investment-What are Investment Features

Inflation has eroded the purchasing power of currency as evidenced by the widespread increase in prices across the board.When the cost of living rises faster than the average person’s salary, having some stock can help cushion the blow.At a rate of 7% annually, not even tried-and-true assets like fixed savings from banks can keep up

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