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Advantages of Money Market Account

They provide perks like greater interest rates and the option to use a debit card or write checks to access funds. When opening an account, customers typically require to make a down payment, and in some cases, they may require to maintain a minimum balance in their accounts at all times. If the monthly total is below a specific threshold, many of them may assess a fee. In this post, we’ll examine the advantages of money market account and grab extensive knowledge on the topics.

You can utilize cheques and debit cards with a money market account. Additionally, the interest rates are better than those of a standard savings account. Potentially less adaptable than a standard bank account due to restrictions. When calculating a person’s true wealth, these factors are crucial.

Advantages of Money Market Account

When compared to traditional savings accounts, money market accounts have the potential to generate substantially higher dividends. It serves a similar purpose to a certificate. The funds, however, are not locked up for an indefinite period of time and can withdraw at any time. This article will go into advantages of money market account in detail and provide some examples for your convenience.

You can combine a brokerage account and a money market account at some banks and other financial organizations. This perk will allow you to invest your hard-earned cash in equities, fixed-income securities, and even the United States Treasury. The transaction restrictions will still apply when you make these purchases, but this strategy could add up to a larger profit.

To find out if this benefit is included with your money market account, read the fine print. Your next step should be to consult a financial advisor about the best ways to put this savings to work for you.

Some Banks don’t have a High Minimum Amount that you have to Keep in your Account

Since the entry point for even the most fundamental services might be as high as $25,000, several households do not have money market accounts. The typical minimum deposit for a “jumbo” account is $100,000. The vast majority of American households just do not have such a large sum of money lying around. Some banks and credit unions responded by lowering the required minimum to make use of this feature. Some financial institutions require only a single dollar to open an account. The typical vendor has a $250 minimum purchase requirement. Some households can now more easily benefit from their hard-earned money.

You can Get Money Quickly

Money in a money market account can withdraw without much hassle in an emergency. You also don’t need to make major adjustments to the way your bank operates. As an alternative, you can link your current bank’s checking account to a money market account at a different bank in order to conduct transactions electronically. Some money market accounts also have debit cards with access to ATMs and check-writing capabilities. However, you limit to no more than six withdrawals throughout any statement cycle. This is good advantages of money market account.


People who keep their money in money market accounts at institutions insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) can rest easy. You may trust your money to grow in one of these accounts if it not need straight soon. However, you should know that a money market fund and a money market account are very different from one another. Mutual funds classified as “money market” invest mostly in debt instruments with maturities of three months or less. You can’t compare them to a savings account.

Investing in Real Estate can Sometimes Work with a Money Market Account

You may be able to link your money market account to your property investments if you own real estate and manage it, either on your own or for a property management firm. In other words, whether your funds are insured by the FDIC or the NCUA, you’ll always have access to them when you need them. Some buyers, concerned about keeping up with inflation, may choose to take advantage of this perk in order to minimize their exposure to potential loss.

Some Money Market Accounts Earn a Lot of Money

Although money market account annual percentage yields (APY) are often fairly low, there are a few key outliers to consider. This option from BMO Harris might generate a yearly percentage yield of 1.95 percent on a deposit of $5,000. UFB Direct offers a minimum annual return of 1.9% on deposits of $25,000. The number of businesses with rates below 1.75% has increased.

NerdWallet recommends the CIT Bank Money Market Account as the top pick for 2020. The minimum deposit is $100, and the annual percentage yield is 1.85%. Switching from a traditional savings account to a money market account at a local bank will earn you a bonus of 0.003 percent or more even if you don’t use any of the accounts we recommend. This is true regardless of whether or not you use any of the accounts we’ve recommended. This is another advantages of money market account.

It’s a Safe Place to Put your Money

In the United States, money market accounts are insured by the FDIC up to a $250,000 maximum. If your bank ever goes out of business for any reason, your money will be safe here. If you’re looking for a location to park your cash that’s safe from the market’s volatility but yet offers growth potential, this option is a good one.

Interest rates on this account are substantially greater than those offered to the general public because of the infrequency with which you can access the funds. This strategy can help you maintain your assets even though investing in a money market account is not a good idea in 2020 because the return is typically lower than the rate of inflation.

You can Get to your Money more Often than with other Ways to Save

The money you invest in a CD will protect from loss for the specified period of time. The penalty for withdrawing the funds early could be as high as the initial investment. The annual percentage yield (APY) may not be as high as it would be with a traditional savings account, but it’s still higher than nothing. However, you will have less discretionary spending each month. Typically, you can withdraw your funds at a location convenient to you. In addition to the utmost amount of withdrawals permitted by your jumbo account type, you can use a debit card to make purchases or create cheques.


Having multiple linked accounts at the same bank makes it simple to deposit funds into a money market account or transfer funds across accounts. Having a bank account with a debit or ATM card and the capacity to issue checks can make bill paying, large purchases, and dealing with emergencies more simpler and less stressful. The funds in a money market account can use for both immediate and distant needs.

Mmas Draw Attention

The funds in a money market account invest in various financial markets. The funds are instead invested. It grows in size as time passes. The current average interest rate for a money market account, according to statistics compiled by Bankrate, is 0.09 percent. Even so, it’s imperative that you look around. There is a significant spread between the national average and the best money market rates. In fact, the highest of these rates can reach 1.85%.

It Lets you Save Money for Short-term or Long-term Goals

If you don’t expect to need the funds anytime soon, you might want to put them in a money market account. A high-yield savings account offers the opportunity to earn more money over a longer period of time due to the higher interest rates and tougher withdrawal limitations. If you’re saving for something like a dream vacation or a down payment on a house, this means you can keep putting money in the account right up until you reach your goal.

Combining a money market account with various investment vehicles can help diversify income and reduce portfolio risk. Your financial advisor can give you insight into what to expect and how to maximize your current condition.

Money Market Account Transactions are Processed on the same Day

You can create a money market account with a local bank or credit union if you require quick access to your funds. When you deposit funds into the account, interest will begin to accrue immediately. Unless the transaction commences on a weekend or after midnight, payment will make the following business day. In those cases, the idea won’t come to you until the next day.

Each institution is free to establish its own regulations regarding the timing of this perk. They’ve been tasked with doing this. You may require to wait one business day before your request process at some financial institutions including banks and credit unions. If you think you might require quick access to funds in the event of an emergency, you should open a money market account. There are many advantages to having this type of account.

Prices that are Fair

Money market accounts typically provide higher interest rates to savers than other deposit options. In general, your savings have a better chance of growing over time if the annual percentage yield (APY) is higher. Money market accounts are a good option for savers who wish to maximize their interest earnings without sacrificing their funds’ accessibility. This is the advantages of money market account.

Insurance from the Government Protects Money

You may rest assured that all of your funds will always be safe in a money market account at a bank that insures by the federal government. If the bank received FDIC or NCUA protection, depositors might obtain up to $250,000 back even if it went under and closed.


Do Money Market Accounts Give Money Back Every Month?

Money market account interest calculate daily, and withdrawals typically make once a month. With compound interest, the bank rewards you with interest on your interest, thus doubling your return.

Cds or Money Market Accounts? which is Better?

Both the money market account and the CD offer lower interest rates. However, MMA could be preferable due to its accessibility and lack of cash withdrawal costs. The higher returns offered by these alternatives make them preferable to certificates of deposit. However, certificates of deposit (CDs) offer higher returns on investments over the long term, provided they are not withdrawn.

What is a Money Market Account Used For?

Many banks and credit unions now provide a special sort of account called a money market account. It’s a great way to keep your money safe and earn interest at the same time. The features of a money market account combine those of a checking and savings account. They’re now a multi-purpose product that combines several others.

Final Words

Every week, most financial institutions including banks and savings and loans increase interest to checking and savings accounts. This is what happens daily if you put your money in a money market account rather than a traditional savings account. If you close your bank or credit union account before receiving a payment, you will still be paid any interest or other earnings that have accrued up until the last time the account balance was updated. As a result, some households may benefit more than others in terms of financial return. Fees and processing costs may require before you may receive this benefit. Most people do not have enough money in their bank accounts or savings to cover these expenses right now. This article discusses in detail about advantages of money market account. To delve deeper into the topic of disadvantages of money market, read further.

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