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Top 12 – Key Benefits of a Money Market Account

A money market account is not the same as purchasing any of the money market securities mentioned previously in this paragraph. If you invest in money market assets that a bank or other financial institution already owns and trades, you won’t have to worry about making a good choice. In this article, we will cover the benefits of a money market account along with equivalent matters around the topic.

A money market account is available to customers of banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Similar to a savings account, but with a higher rate of return on investments. These accounts may also limit your ability to make payments, write checks, and otherwise manage your money. Read widely about benefits of a money market account subject to get a fuller view.

Top 12 – Key Benefits of a Money Market Account

Interest on deposits is earned and paid out at a predetermined rate in a money market account (MMA). Like a savings account, you can use a debit card and write cheques with it. However, the rate of return is higher than what you would get from a traditional savings account. This means it can be used for both financial savings and spending. Read on to discover everything there is to know about benefits of a money market account and to become a subject matter expert on it.

Investing in Real Estate

You may be able to link your money market account to your property investments if you own real estate and manage it, either on your own or for a property management firm.

That is, whether your funds are insured by the FDIC or the NCUA, you’ll always have access to them when you need them. Some purchasers, in an effort to keep pace with inflation while maintaining the lowest possible degree of risk, may choose to take advantage of this perk.

Generally Accessible

Denney emphasizes the importance of a money market account’s adaptability and lack of a termination date. This is useful for starting a savings account that earns interest and provides quick access to its funds, such an emergency or, if you’re really lucky, a “splurge fund.” Both of these options are available for using the account.

When you need access to your money quickly, such when you need to pay for an unexpected auto repair or a last-minute weekend getaway, a money market account can be a great option. Sending a check, withdrawing cash from an ATM, or making an online money transfer are the most typical options in this situation.

However, keep in mind that the quantity of withdrawals you can make from a money market account each month is capped. Make sure you know exactly where you stand each month by consulting with your bank.

Ease of Accessing Money

The convenience of withdrawing money from a money market account is a major perk of these accounts. Money market investments are not subject to any minimum term or maturity date constraints. This offers a level of convenience that customers can’t receive through traditional methods of saving, such as CDs or stock certificates.

Withdrawals can make whenever you like, and there are typically no penalties for doing so. However, a certain amount of transactions can close each month. Horizon’s Money Market account holders can submit as many as six payments every calendar month.

Money Market accounts are great for customers who need access to their funds but are unsure of how soon they will need it. This makes them ideal for large, unexpected expenses, such as going to college, fixing up your house, or getting emergency medical care. You should put some money aside so you can make spontaneous purchases when the urge comes.

You can also delay withdrawing your quarterly tax payments until you absolutely need the money, at which point they will have accrued interest in your Money Market account. A Money Market account is a good option for saving or investing for the future.

Brokers can use Linked Accounts

You can combine a brokerage account and a money market account at some banks and other financial organizations. This perk will allow you to invest your savings in various financial vehicles, such as stocks, bonds, and even treasuries. The transaction restrictions will still apply when you make these purchases, but this strategy could add up to a larger profit.

To find out if this benefit includes with your money market account, read the fine print. Your next step should be to consult a financial advisor about the best ways to put this savings to work for you.

No Minimum Amount Requirement

Due to prohibitive account minimums of up to $25,000 for access to basic services, some households may not have access to money market accounts. A “jumbo” account often requires a $100,000 minimum deposit. Most American households just do not have such a large sum of money lying around.

Because of this, some banks and credit unions lowered the amount required to exercise this choice. Some financial institutions require only a single dollar to open an account. The typical seller requires a minimum payment of $250. This makes it simpler for some households to reap the rewards of their hard-earned money.

Personal Checks and Debit Cards

Money market funds offer investors a degree of independence. Putting money into your bank account is a simple process. The funds can then pay for using either a personal cheque or a bank card. This will allow you to utilise the funds without making any special preparations or waiting for a withdrawal to clear.

Writing a Check

When compared to traditional banking options like checking accounts and CDs, money market accounts offer superior liquidity and versatility. This feature may increase the value of writing checks from a money market account. There are no alternatives to bank accounts for saving money.

Six withdrawals or trades each statement cycle may permit with certain money market accounts. Using checks is an option. The law may have changed, but many banks still enforce the outdated policy that limits customers to six withdrawals each day. There is still a cap on the number of transactions that can process per day, notwithstanding the new restriction.


Your Money Market funds are insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Because of this, you can confidently store a sizeable sum of money in your account without worrying about sacrificing it all in the event of a market downturn or a poor investment decision. This is an excellent opportunity to initiate a savings plan and organize one’s financial situation.

ATM Withdrawals

One of the most useful features of many money market accounts is access to ATMs, alongside a debit card. You can withdraw money from an ATM as often as you need to without worrying about exceeding your monthly transaction limit of six withdrawals or transfers. Money market accounts are mostly for saving, therefore it’s best to avoid withdrawing money and instead let it grow.

High Rates of Interest

The average return on a money market account is higher than the average return on a typical savings account. As of [DATE], the maximum yearly percentage yield (APY) for a Horizon Money Market account is [XX]. Since the first scenario is more likely, this is helpful if you anticipate that interest rates will continue to rise. Invest in a venture that offers the greatest potential for growth. According to Becker, one advantage of money market accounts is the potential for higher returns than those offered by traditional bank accounts.

One of the advantages of a money market account is this. Denney is certain that returns will improve even if they are now low due to the Federal Reserve’s policy of boosting interest rates. Three or four 0.25 percent increases, according to his forecast for 2017, he said. When the Federal Reserve increases interest rates, he argues, money market yields will follow suit. Interest rates on money market accounts reflect the current short-term rate environment.

Same-day Processing

Money market accounts can open at local banks and credit unions for those who require quick access to their funds. You can deposit funds into the account and immediately begin accruing interest. If the transaction was initiated before midnight or on a weekend, you will get payment on the following business day.

Same perks as Usual

Money market accounts can provide the same services as traditional deposit and withdrawal accounts. These accounts can access through a variety of channels, including paper checks, debit cards, ATMs, and online banking. Although this may not seem significant at first, Becker, owner of Becker Retirement Group, provided a practical scenario in which such inspections would be helpful.

He claims that having a money market account is advantageous because it aids in the sale of a home. When large sums of money change hands, like in the sale of a house, the person who received the bulk of the proceeds is typically the one responsible for making tax payments.

Becker suggests sellers set aside potential capital gains taxes in a money market account for growth during the sale process. The vendor can avoid potentially stressful interactions with the tax collector. Becker cites the ease of sending a check from a money market account to the IRS as an advantage. Having a money market account is prudent for this same reason.


Can i Put Money Directly into a Money Market Account?

Set up an online banking system. Paycheck direct deposit is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to paper checks for many employees. This facilitates easy access to the funds during bill-paying periods. However, you can transfer funds from your money market account to your checking account as needed to cover your regular expenses.

When is a Money Market Account a Better Choice than a Savings Account?

Consider a conventional savings account if you prefer your money to earn interest while being securely stored. Consider a money market account if it offers a higher interest rate, suits infrequent purchases, and meets minimum requirements. Choose a money market account over a savings account if its interest rate is higher.

Which is Better a Money Market Account or an Annuity?

In most cases, fixed annuity rates are better than MMA rates. If you invest in a fixed annuity, your money will increase at a higher rate. They also provide excellent tax benefits and a reliable retirement income. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your Social Security benefits, consider purchasing an annuity.

Final Words

Deposit non-immediate, small-sum funds into a Money Market account for potential near-future needs. Invest worry-free, as you’ll earn a fair return on your money without stock market volatility or savings certificate restrictions. We’ll look at the benefits of a money market account and talk about the related topics in this area.

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