How to Double Your Money-Ways to Multiply your Invested Money without Risk-How to Double Your Money-Ways to Double Your invested Money

Top 10 Ways – How to Double Your Money?

Being a radical entails going against the grain of conventional wisdom. Because of this, there has to be a general uptick in curiosity and a willingness to take calculated risks. This means that only very seasoned traders and investors should consider trying out a contrarian strategy. Conservative or inexperienced investors should never try it. In this article, we will cover the how to double your money along with equivalent matters around the topic.

Nobody is recommending that you put your money into worthless stock. Investors who have done their homework stand a strong chance of making money during periods of intense selling pressure, which can affect even the best stocks. A company’s value can be calculated using a number of different metrics, including its book value and price-to-earnings ratio.

You can use these indicators to determine if the price of a stock has dropped too far. Both indicators have well-established long-term trends, with industry and market averages that are widely known. Smart investors regard a company’s significant decline from these former standards, whether superficial or structural, as a chance to double their investment.

Top 10 Ways – How to Double Your Money?

Like the freeway, where you can take the fast lane or the slow lane to get to your destination, there are both quick and slow ways to double your money. Bond investment may be a less risky option for those who prefer to follow the cautious route to financial security. Consider, for instance, coupon-less loans. First-time buyers of zero-coupon bonds may feel uneasy about the investment.

Understanding what they mean is actually rather simple. You will not invest in a bond that provides periodic interest payments. Instead, you’ll purchase a bond at a discount below its face value. The how to double your money will cover in-depth in this article, along with some examples for your convenience. For more information on the components of money subject, keep reading.

Gold ETFs

As a pastime, gold buying is popular among many. About 10% annual return has been seen on gold investments. Investing in gold ETFs or gold coins is another way to grow your gold holdings’ value. The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme is another option for your capital.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Indian government are jointly responsible for the initiative. You will be able to own the gold because it is represented by certificates. To calculate the value of a bond in terms of gold, multiply its face value by the price of a gram of gold.

You’ll only need a single gram for your initial buy. If you put your money into a savings account, you’ll get 2.5 percent interest per year. The amount that will spend over the next eight years will remain unchanged. Buying gold ETFs now would result in a fourfold increase in value in around eight years.

Start a Second Job

Starting a “side hustle” doing something you enjoy and might already be doing in your spare time can increase your income by as much as 100%. Perhaps you have a talent or hobby, such as knitting, writing, making, or building, that could turn into a source of income.

You may fast double the money you make by saving and investing it, provided you use marketing and social media to sell your things and deduct your expenses when filing your taxes.

Company Fixed Investment

These deposits are not the same as traditional savings accounts held by financial institutions like banks. The average return on a fixed savings account from a company is over 13%, meaning your money might double in value in around seven years.

Sustained Growth Rate

You can also control the rate at which your money doubles by selecting an appropriate growth rate. You may aim for 50%, but it’s quite unlikely to be successful.

It’s possible that the stock market will expand more slowly or more fast during the next few decades, but its long-term growth rate is roughly equivalent to a 10% average annual return.

Business Deposits

There are plenty of investments that can double your money. Corporations’ financial contributions are one such factor. When compared to the interest rates offered by banks on fixed deposits, the rates offered by non-banking financial firms (NBFCs) and businesses on non-convertible debentures and corporate savings are far more attractive.

Depending on the ICRA rating and the length of the investment, the rate of return on these deposits might range from 9% to 10%. Using this strategy, one’s investment would produce a 100% return in around 8 years. Companies issue corporate deposits, whereas both corporations and non-bank financial institutions (NBFCs) issue NCDs.

Mutual Funds 

Equity-Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) mutual funds, debt-oriented mutual funds, equity-oriented mutual funds, balanced mutual funds, and mixed mutual funds are all types of investment vehicles.

Mutual funds are vulnerable to market risk, but they offer a substantially higher rate of return compared to other investing options. Mutual fund returns tie to the time frame the investor chooses when making their investment.

The average annual return for long-term mutual funds is between 12% and 15%. It will take roughly five or six years for your money to double if you invest it in mutual funds.

Stock Market

Putting your money into the stock market is a great method to multiply your money and increase your income. You could potentially lose half of your money if you invest directly in stocks. The advantages, though, are substantial. However, over the long term, the returns on individual equities held by major firms are consistently above 20%.

For example, Eicher Motors Limited experienced compound annual growth of 28.77% over the course of five years. You might have four times as much money as you do today in three and a half years. Investing in equities is still a good idea, but only if you have a horizon of at least five years.

Real Estate

One of the best ways to stretch your dollar. Investing in residential real estate could provide you with a reliable source of income if you want to rent out your properties. You can keep an asset, increase your portfolio’s diversification, and reduce your tax liability.

Your home’s worth may increase by more than twice as much during the next six to seven years. The initial outlay of capital is a significant drawback to real estate investing. The return is affected by the property’s location and the degree to which neighboring communities have invested in infrastructure.

Tax-Exempt Bonds

At originally, there were restrictions on when tax-free bonds may distribute. On the other side, the government has authorized the sale of bonds totaling Rs. 40,000 crore by some state-owned firms. Lots of people are eager to buy tax-free bonds issued by PFC and NTPC.

The “tax-adjusted return,” another name for the interest rate on tax-free bonds, can range from 8.20% to 8.50% per year for the 2015 series. This variety is time-specific. If you buy this bond, your investment may double in value within the next eight to nine years.

Fixed-deposit Banks

A fixed deposit is a common investment product provided by banks and other financial institutions. Fixed deposits up to one lakh rupees (about $1,500) are protected by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

After the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cut the repo rate by 0.50 bps, certain financial institutions lowered their annualized interest rates on fixed deposits by 0.25% to 0.50%. It typically takes between eight and nine years to double your money when depositing a set amount into a bank account.


How Many Years will it Take for your Money to Double?

If you know the interest rate and divide it by 72, you can calculate how long it will take for your money to double at that rate. Divide 8% by 72 to get the answer of 9 years if you want to know how long it will take to double your money at a rate of 8%.

How can I Get my Money to Double in 5 Years?

Mutual funds are a smart investment for multiple reasons. The basic premise is that you invest a set amount of money each month into a fund and receive a return on your investment based on the fund’s performance. If you have a large sum of money to invest but don’t want to handle the finances on your own, mutual funds are an excellent option to consider.

Can your Money Double Every Day?

Even if it’s impossible to make your money double overnight, there is a financial rule that can estimate how long it will take. This is commonly referred to as the “rule of 72.” The Rule of 72 might make frugality more of a game. It’s not a complicated concept by any means.

Final Words

You should now be able to double your money using any of the five trading methods you learned about today. If you want to start trading right away, you need to open a brokerage account. After considering your risk tolerance, your familiarity with the investment instrument, and other factors, the rule of 72 might help you estimate how soon you can double your initial investment. After making that determination, the rule of 72 might help you decide how to allocate your funds.

Diversifying your investments across high- and low-risk options will help you sleep better at night. If you’re careful, have a spending strategy, monitor your portfolio’s performance, and know what you’re doing, you can potentially double your money in the time you commit. Make informed decisions about your money by learning as much as possible and keeping up to date. This topic outlines how to double your money which will assist you to achieve desired goals in your life.

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